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Steve Tucker - Tattooist, Owner of Almost Angels

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

"I’m OK with being bald...that’s what I thought for 15 years of my life. Rock it out, wear your baldness like a badge of honor it makes you different from others.. or so I thought. The minute I hit my half century I wanted my hair back...simple as, and as we all know that’s one thing that the big man in red couldn’t deliver at matter how good I’d been all year. I had thought about and even researched hair transplants to the point where I was ready to sign up and go for it but whilst scrolling through the book of face I came across a video showing how ‘hair systems’ work and saw just how far they have evolved from the days of them floating in the shallow end of the swimming pool while your up the deep end treading water or flapping like a broken umbrella in the wind.

I approached one of my closest friends who just so happens to own one of, if not, the best hair salon in Cambridge and asked for his advice about how to go about getting a system fitted... it wasn’t an easy call as like I said before I had been a full on slap head for 15 years and all my family, friends and customers have only ever known me as having no hair. I was super self conscious about the stigma attached to having a wig, toupee, rug, syrup slapped on my nut but when I actually thought about it I thought “why not”. We live in a society these days when women (and men) are filling your lips with god knows what chemicals, wearing hair extensions and having plastic surgery to enhance what god has naturally given them and it seems to be socially acceptable and nobody batters an extended eyelash so why would it be any different for me to get a proper system fitted by one of my best pals.

Joey and I researched the best way to go about it and what would be the best system for me and after a lot of gluing, taping, taking off and putting back on and some more gluing we finally found the best one for me. One thing I would say is go short first as it’s less of a shock to others than if you turn up for work looking like Phil Mitchell one day then rocking up at the office the next day looking like Michael Bolton.

My first day at the studio couldn’t have gone any better to be honest and all the guys at the shop said I looked 10 years younger and trust me, being the wrong side of 50 I was well chuffed and even customers had thought I had been growing my hair ( I always used to wear a hat). Yes I’ve had the odd “what the f**k is that on your head” but to be honest when I sit and ask them “why not” after 10 minutes they get why.

So chaps (and ladies) if your thinking about it and are worried about what people are gonna say my advice it, it’s for you and no one else! Rock it out, wear it with pride and don’t worry about others peoples reaction, it’s probably the fact they are jealous that you have the confidence to do it...and that you look younger than they do."

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