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Hi, I'm Joey!


My name is Joey, my brother and I are co-owners of Fratelli Hair Salon, Cambridge where cutting is my speciality.

I’ve been cutting hair for 17 years now and in this time I have built some amazing relationships with my clients and in the industry. My clients wellbeing has always been my main priority and it has never just been a haircut to me.

During this time I have also been losing my hair and working in the industry had highlighted this even more. I would check every day to see how far back my hairline was going. I always knew it was coming but it didn't make it any easier. My dad lost his hair when I was growing up, he has confidence to wear a bald head and always describes himself as being blessed with a solar panel for a sex machine. Haha.

After about 10 years of checking my hairline and worrying about it everyday I decided to go and have a consultation at Andrew Cooper was brilliant, he gave me all the information I needed and two years later, after saving all my pennies I had a hair transplant, 1500 grafts, £4500 and 2 weeks off work later, I was on the journey back to being me!

I now have a decent hairline and I feel more confident about loosing my hair now because I’ve done something about it. It was never an ending solution but it has helped me massively and I wanted to be able to give people the feeling it gave me. £4500 is a lot of money for me so I looked into all the options of how I can help others. I looked into non surgical alternatives and I found...Wigs!! With technology forever changing we now have this as an option and they look amazing. Hair systems are now all the rage with hairdressers, barbers and stylists talking about them across the globe. Search Google for hair systems, research, take a look at YouTube videos and see for yourself that hair systems are an amazing alternative to having an operation.

I’m happy to share everything I know and to help you get your hair and most importantly, your confidence back. Take that first step by messaging me here. If it's something you would prefer to do in the comfort of your own home, I can still help you!

Thanks for taking the time to read through my journey.


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