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This is a podcast about hair systems and everything about them. In this series we'll be talking about the implications of hair loss, the physical effects and the impact it can have on your mental health. We'll be chatting to expects in the industry and how to fit a hair system, maintain them and how they can transform your life.

0.1 My Story

My name is Joey Altomonte. I am a hairdresser of the last 20 years and I have been on a hair loss journey, myself, personally for as long as that. At 19 years old my hair started to fall out and . . . 

00:00 / 07:25

0.2 Tom Walker

Tom Walker is the owner and founder of The Hair Repair Club. A training academy and hair system studio. I've been 'fan girling' Tom since 2020. I followed his journey from a salon in the garden to the worlds largest academy which is now complete.

00:00 / 28:37

0.3 My Client Ian

Ian is a regular client of mine who has been coming to me for a couple of years. He came to me already wearing a hair system. We will be talking about his journey on finding me, wearing a hair system and the impact it's had on him.

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